Restaurant equipment

We are proud being first in patenting unique machines as Vortex Popcorn™ Robopop®.

The popper is designed on patented Vortex Popping Technology (VPT) principle, which makes popping process completely different both from wet and regular hot air.

Since popped kernels are immediately fryer whirled away from the heating zone, they stay tender and crunchy, and absolutely different in taste and quality from chewy and tough air popped popcorn from a conventional puffer.

After having been treated with buttered oil or sweet mixes, which is done immediately after popping in the same machine, the «vortexed» popcorn becomes very much like the one from a «wet» popper, but much more tender. Besides, there is practically no husk, which usually gets stuck between the teeth.

Since VPT popcorn is not fried in hot oil, it is absolutely free from health hazardous particles which are generated in the course of frying, has no carcinogen and trans fats, 20% less calories.

VPT saves 30% of oil, which constitutes $80,000.00 per year per machine and this is a sound competitive advantage. For caramel coated popcorn no oil needed (100 % saves).
The innovative company RoboLabs is located in Moscow, Russia and manufactures wide range of high-tech products.

We are proud being first in patenting unique machines as Vortex Popcorn™ Robopop®, coater RoboSugar; the semiautomatic heavy duty fryer is first made in Russian Federation.

Our products are protected by RF, US and European patents. The equipment popcorn popping machines is being in use at the following markets: Russia, United States, Great Britain, Italy, India, Mexico, Vietnam, UAE, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc. Actually, RoboLabs exports its equipment in more than 20 countries and is continuously expanding the World sales coverage.

The Robolabs’s equipment dealers are successfully connected into market’s demand in Europe, United States, Mexico, India, Middle East, and Africa. Special training scheme for our dealers is elaborated to have high-level of after-sell support and comfortable feed-back assistance.

The new ideas and innovative approach are pushing up the RoboLabs into real worldwide perspectives.