rotary kiln

Strommashina Corp. offers a variety of rotary kilns types. Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to design rotary kilns adn calciners to the exact needs and specifications of our customers, as well as provide customers with all necessary spare parts for crushing machines. Rotary kilns are very widespread type of industrial equipment. Strommashina Corp. designs rotary kiln to suit the needs of industrial pyroprocessing. Strommashina is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered rotary kilns which have earned a reputation for their durability, efficiency, and longevity. Our high temperature kilns have earned a good reputation. System options include:

Parallel or Counter Current flow
Optimized Refractory Lining Solutions (multiple layers, castable, brick)
Direct-Fired or Indirect-Fired
Application of Rotary Kiln
Strommashina Corp. supplies rotary kilns and furnaces for industrial processing in all of the following areas: Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Environment & Recycling, Agglomeration, etc.

Some of the most common applications for rotary kilns include:

Recicling and Waste (Metals, Lime)
Sintering/Glassification (Proppants, Ceramics)
Calcination (Gypsum, Bauxite, Calcium Carbonate)
Upgrading (Phosphate Ore)
Thermal Desorption and Combustion (Organic Impurities, Hazardous Wastes)
Organic Combustion (Organic Wastes)
Heat Setting (Roofing Granules)
The Reasons to buy Rotary Kiln:
High quality and reliability (decades of smooth operation under the Strommashina brand!)
Low price (smoothly running production allows us to reduce manufacture costs)
Easy to manage and maintain (no complex assemblies in an equipment allows avoiding costs of hiring highly qualified experts)
The Strommashina plant manufactures reliable rod mill designed for long-term fault-free operation. The rod mill is grinding equipment, it is a milling device used for coarse grinding (up to 500 to 1000 mm) of the concentrating raw material before the finish grinding in the ball mills.